Ad Tracking Software Options

Marketing is an integral aspect of the promotional efforts of any business. The role of data is to keep you informed about the performance of your advertising campaigns. An ad tracking software is a key component that you need to determine the progress of the campaigns.

When you capitalize on your marketing efforts, through ads or content management, the goal is to maximize the returns. Regardless, determining your ROI drivers can be challenging.

How do you know if it is customer traffic? What if conversions are your key ROI drivers? Perhaps you get the highest returns through social media relationships. When you have ad tracking software, it provides you with answers to such questions. Most importantly, it facilitates informed decision-making.

In this article, you will discover the top ten ad tracking software options for determining the success of advertising campaigns.

One of the most crucial affiliate campaign management trackers is It is the ideal option for this role, especially when keeping an eye on numerous links simultaneously. Do most of your advertising campaigns depend profoundly on affiliate connections? If so, affiliate ad trackers will evaluate the efficiency of your efforts.


Ease of Access
Has advanced features
Compatible for Shopify incorporation


Costly (up to $50000)
Must have advanced expertise for advanced features


Are you interested in ad tracking but you have a limited budget? Bitly will be the perfect ad tracking option to explore


Cost-effective (starts from $29 monthly)
Best-in-class link contraction and personalization


No tracking reports
Has limited features


Linktrackr is an upgrade compared to Bitly. You will only have to spend some more to access it. You can use the software to monitor conversations and ad-generated sales. It requires up to $60 monthly payments.


Many remarkable features
Ease of use
Has split-testing features

Lacks scheduling tools


Peerclick is an affiliate ad tracking tool. You can use it for business expansion. One of its greatest perks is that it concentrates on ROI.
The ad tracking tool has a free package. Its paid packages range from $99-$649.


Exceptional tool-packed package


A huge margin between free and paid plan


Voluum is the tracking option that features every integration. It is also a well-organized software that is easy to navigate. You will need between $69-$999 monthly payments.


Access to over 40 integrations
Uses modern design

It is costly


ClickMeter is an ad tracking software that provides you with performance reports for your links. Its scalability makes it ideal for any business-small or large-scale. It can also track numerous domains. You need between $29-$349 for monthly plans.


Usable on WordPress
Ha advanced tools

Has clunky web packages
Advanced features require developed skills
Requires professional marketers for maximum returns


AdsBridge is a multifaceted ad tracking option for business owners. It is a remarkable design with comprehensive features including a landing page generator. It costs between $29-$379 monthly.


Great for various uses and teams
Generates exceptional reports and data

Contains speed problems

Trk. Me

Trk. Me is one of the simplest ad tracking options that come at a reasonable cost. It also provides you with all the fundamental tracking and reporting tools. Its standard and premium monthly plans cost $29 and $79 respectively.


The premium plan contains great value
Provides explainer videos


Lacks special aspects besides reasonable cost
The website lacks a strong brand identity


ClickMagick is the ideal ad tracking tool for handling different campaigns. You can use it to track and monitor advertisements and links.

Quality Click Control

It is an ad tracking tool that provides you with bot protection components.

Why Invest in Ad Tracking Software?

Ad tracking tools are crucial for helping business owners to make informed decisions. Whether you operate a small-scale or large-scale business, you can get effective marketing campaign results. The software records data on the effectiveness and conversion rates of your ads. As a result, you can establish the overall success of the advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Ad Tracking Software

With ad tracking, you get advanced knowledge about your consumers and their responses. The gathered information allows you to pursue conversions with custom content that suits your target audiences.

Besides, through ad tracking tools, you learn a few things about your consumers including:
How they access you
What drives them
Why they bounce
Their actions when they click your website
In addition, you can improve your web content and advertising campaigns. Your tracking software provides insight into the progress of your campaigns. If your effort is not working, you understand the reason behind the failure.

Ad tracking facilitates conversion. The data you collect from the software helps to influence conversion based on content validity.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to improve your business sales is through ad tracking. You will establish the effectiveness of your campaigns using the best ad tracking software tools. They provide you with a way to generate more conversions, drive traffic and increase ROI.

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